Meaning of 0.7

It’s been always a great question- what makes a perfect woman? But finally we got scientific confirmation of what we are seeking. The extensive research has been made in numerous studies of all time most atractive and desirable women , and one thing that they had in common -which determent the results of perfection –is the waist and hip ratio. Women who are closest to ratio 0.7 – are rated the most atractive by most men throught the generations.

0.7- is the ultimate luxury swimwear. Its elegant and minimalistic style with understated sophistication- will last throughout the seasons. Attention to quality, luxurious fabrics, design and attention to feminine form- its designed for a woman who appreciates a perfect fit and quality, never the less the comfort. Cut to emphasize each bodies natural allure, and hide disadvantages. prime inspiration is female body , and elegance. The colors have been chosen to enchance quality and desighn of the cut.

0.7- fabrics : We use only the most luxuriouse fabrics made in FRANCE.

  • 4 way strech : Multidamentional elastic movement. The fabric is naturally streched in every direction to follow muscle and joint movement.
  • Second skin : revolutionnary elasticity- a gentle retention mechanism creates an extrodinary and partculary effective second skin effect.
  • Ultra light: twice as lighter then the regular lycra.
  • Ultra fast drying: Practcaly dry when you step out of the water.
  • Breathable : offers maximum breathability in the air, yet allows water and air to slide off the fabric without penetrating
  • Pilling resistance : fabric retains its original appearance and stands up to the toughest conditions.
  • UV protection : provides very high-performance protection against UVA/UVB, which satisfy easily the highest protection level : 50+
  • Clorine resistance:  with regards to chlorine resistance, fabric loses only 17% of its elasticityafter 60 hours of bathing, compared to 70% for a traditionaly knitted structure.